International Civil Aviation Center

Over 470 shrubs and 7 caliper trees sourced for revamping the urban outdoor space for United Nations Organization.


International Civil Aviation Center




Completed in 2020


Groupe Woodchuck


486 Plant & Tree Units


Grand Prix Du Design 2020 ; Residential, Commercial, and Workplace Landscape Category

This busy outdoor space got a greener facelift with the plants and trees sourced by GoMaterials. Located next to the prominent International Civil Aviation Center, this award-winning project adds much needed canopy and green spaces to reduce the heat island effect, while also creating an engaging public space.

The new design blends modern steel aesthetics with soft tones of plants and trees. Additionally, the installation also exhibits the recently-restored Marcelle Ferron sculpture-‘the mirror’.

Ulmus Morton Accolade for Landscaping

Calamagrostis Brachutrica Wholesale for landscaping

Wholesale Maakia for Landscaping

Wholesale Maakia for Commercial Projects

Materials delivered

Shrubs, perennials, and trees

Ulmus X Morton ‘Accolade’

Cornus Sericea “Flaviramea’

Calamagrostis ‘Brachytricha’

Maakia Amurensis

Miscanthus Sinensis ‘Silberfeder’

Calamagrostis x Acutiflora ‘Karl Forester’

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